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In the Court of the Kingly King

In the Court of the Kingly King was my entry into Ludum Dare 35, it was made in 48 hours using the theme "Shapeshift". It is a roleplaying multiple path adventure book about a shapechanging monk, complete with stats, items and virtual D20s. I wanted to make a game where pretty much every decision mattered and was reflected in some way (so it's worth playing through the game multiple times).

As I was on holiday during Ludum Dare this was made on my Chromebook using Twine 2. It can be found here, and the Ludum Dare page can be found here.

I speak but there is only bongos

You work on a construction site, helping put together buildings by ordering a crane around (I think that's what people do on construction sites, right?). One day, a wizard steals your voice, because wizards are assholes. If you don't manage to finish the first nine floors of your current project today, you'll be fired! Your only remaining option is to communicate with the crane driver through the medium of bongos.

I speak but there is only bongos is my entry to Ludum Dare 34, for the themes Growing and Two Button Controls. It was made in 48 hours. The WebGL version can be played here, the Unity Web Player and downloadable versions for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, as well as the source can be found here, and the Ludum Dare page can be found here.

The Future is Coming

The Future is Coming is a horror game made for Asylum Jam. It's a game about the inevitability of time. You can find it here.

The Walls Have Ears

The Walls Have Ears was my entry into Ludum Dare 33, with the theme "You are the Monster". It's a game about catching the monsters that infringe on the freedoms and liberties of our nation. It's also a game about drinking coffee. Find it here for Windows, Mac and Linux, or play the WebGL version in your browser here


Geminid is a block falling game for Android, Windows, Mac and Linux originally made for GameBoy Jam in rather a while less than 10 days. It can be found here.


Goldi is a game which combines the hard-hitting political cynicism of Goldilocks and the Three Bears with the lighthearted whimsy of everyone's favourite bedtime story, Machiavelli's The Prince. It was made in 10 days for Public Domain Jam 2 and can be found here.

Download links: Windows, Mac, Linux.


My entry for Ludum Dare 32, Alter/Cannon is a slower paced take on the score-attack first person shooter. Stalk errors and bugs in a labyrinthine virtual world with the titular Alter/Cannon, a weapon that morphs based on the last thing it killed. Be warned that this weapon is dangerous, as it leaves you vulnerable while it remodulates, unable to fire. Be careful, retreat when necessary, don't be cornered, don't leave yourself defenceless by shooting without a care for your firearm's quirks. It was made in 48 hours. Find it here.

Oh, and be wary of walking backwards - there's probably something behind you.

Waiting in the Sky

Waiting in the Sky is my entry into Ludum Dare 31. It was made in 48 hours and follows the long wait of an alien watching the Earth trying to decide when we’re ready for first contact. Find it here, and find it’s Ludum Dare page here.

Smash Cup

Smash Cup is my entry into Indies vs Pewdiepie. Built in 72 hours, it’s a puzzle game about smashing things, slow motion, and smashing things. Find it here.


Blossom is my entry into Asylum Jam. It's a short, 2D horror game about a lost puppy made in 48 hours. Find it here.

First Encounter

First Encounter is a game I made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 30 trying to see if I could combine Twine and Unity into one game (whether I should do that is another question entirely). It's a short, surreal science fiction story that has four possible endings. It came 50th in Innovation, which is, like, one better than coming 51st.

Play it in its full glory here, or if you can't run Unity Web Player because you're on a Linux machine or only use Netscape or something, play the cut down much less interesting version that only uses Twine here.

Yo Hoe Hoe

Yo Hoe Hoe is an economic sim/maritime farming game where you must try to maintain a profitable farm after it is flooded out to sea. It was made in one week for Fuck This Jam. Find it here.

The Yellow Wallpaper

The Yellow Wallpaper is a first person exploration game based on the short story of the same name by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. It was made in one week for the Public Domain Jam. The game is released under a CC0 licence, as is all the content and assets within it. Find it here.

I hope you all find it suitably weird/interesting, I certainly had a fun time challenging myself to translate something not obviously suited to gameplay into a game.


Legend says that beneath the surface of Oroborous C, the hollow world, is another planet. Below that planet is another, and another, and below them all. Below them all is a source of untold wealth and power.  Substep is a roguelike shooter played best with a game controller, built for Ludum Dare 29 using the theme Beneath the Surface. Fight hard enemies, get coin to buy new weapons and ship upgrades, and use your drill-ship to dig as deep as you can into the planet without dying.

Download it here.

Leap of Faith

Faced with overcrowded prisons, criminals are placed instead into semi-real simulations. These provide the convicts with basic exercise, but they are also dangerous. Any fall means death.  You only get one chance to complete the program, only one hope to be set free from the simulation.

This game is my attempt to "fix" the first person platformer, to make one that isn't clunky and doesn't make you wish for a third person view. It was made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 28.

Web Version (Low Resolution).

Windows Standalone.

Mac Standalone.

Linux Standalone.

Ludum Dare Page.

Rider Collider Turbo

Rider Collider Turbo is my procedurally generated scooter driving game. It was made with Unity in a week for Charity Game Jam II Turbo supporting Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières. Go really fast! Collide into things! Don't die! Use a controller if you have one!

Web Version.

Windows Standalone.

Mac Standalone.

Linux Standalone.


Midlands Noire

Set in a dytopian 2024 Midlands town, Midlands Noire is a first person austerity simulator. It's the first game in Unity, and the first polygonal game, that I've ever released, and while my inexperience shows I am still proud of the game. I made it for Ludum Dare 27, which had the theme "10 Seconds". You can find it here for all platforms, and play the web version here.


Obscure is my minimalist horror exploration game made for Ludum Dare 26 (you can find the original page here). You are trapped in a pitch black complex, and must find your way out with what little light you have available. A monster is stalking you, and the only way to escape him is to close your eyes and run. Sanctuary is available to the south east, but getting there through the labyrinth will be difficult.

The game controls with WASD and a mouse, and requires sound to play. Mac and Linux users can play the game by downloading the LOVE version and installing Love2d.

Download the post-competition version (with fixed collision detection and reduced load times) for Windows here, and as a LOVE file here.

It Should be a Crime!

It Should be a Crime! was my rhythm stealth game entry into Ludum Dare 25 about queue cutting. It came in as the 43rd most innovative game submitted, so that was pretty neat. As the villainous queue barger, you must get to the end of the queue in a very limited amount of time, whilst being careful not to overly annoy those behind you, and to not be spotted outside the line by the queue matron. Download it for every platform under the sun here.

Threaten to Evolve

Threaten to Evolve is a game about revolution, evolution and exponential growth. Moves around with your mouse, collect pellets, and don't die.

Download for Windows, or for Mac and Linux users download the game as a love file (requires LÖVE to be installed).


Introducing Tetragon, an experimental mix of the ideas of Tetris and Hexagon (to both of which Ysty Games has no affiliation) that will implode your mind. Developed over a long weekend in lieu of doing actual work.

Download for Windows, Mac (although I'd recommend Mac users use the .love version), or download as a .love file (will work on any system, including Linux, that has LÖVE 0.7.2 installed).